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Eye Level's First Anniversary!
November 29, 2006

Images from our first year's posts

On this date last year we launched Eye Level. Just for fun, here is a visual index of all our posts -- 121 if you're keeping score. (Some date back a little farther than a year: when we launched we already had some stories in the can.)

Thanks for visiting us and helping us along the way!

Posted by Michael Edson on November 29, 2006 in Museums & Technology


Yay! Congrats on a full year of teh awesome. And I look forward to your post on the upcoming canopy at SAAM.

Happy Anniversary!

I would like to see how the Jewelry is displayed in drawers and, if possible, specific pieces, including my own.

I see that there are two pieces by Frances Pickens on display in our Luce Foundation Center for American Art. Definitely browse the Luce Center Web site at . Most of the jewelry and other small/delicate objects are in special drawers that open and close via pneumatic pistons to cushion the objects. We'll put up some photos...

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