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December 28, 2006


An acquaintance of mine carries around JPEGs of her artwork on her iPod—just in case she should ever find herself in an elevator with an interested curator or critic. (More than once I've seen her friends cajole her into showing the images to new people she meets.) It was only a matter of time before video art started appearing on portables, right? Off Center's Paul Schmeltzer notes that the artPod is upon us: it's a Web app loaded up with several new artworks.

Apple's been cracking down on the use of the word "pod" (citing trademark infringement), so I imagine that once this issue crosses the company's radar, it will mean the end of artPod. In other handheld art-related news: Alec Soth mentions a Gameboy trend in photography.

Posted by Kriston on December 28, 2006 in American Art Elsewhere


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