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Knights of the Société Anonyme
December 21, 2006

Societe Anonyme Web Site

Société Anonyme: Modernism for America Web Site from the Yale University Art Gallery

Following the landmark National Gallery of Art Dada exhibition, the Phillips Collection contributes to the District's year of Dada with the exhibition, "Société Anonyme: Modernism for America". The Société Anonyme was established by artists Katherine Dreier, Man Ray, and Marcel Duchamp in 1920. Originally intended to promote avant-garde artists in the United States, the Société expanded its mission to house a collection when John Covert gave four works to the group in 1923. Through subsequent purchases and bequests, its collection eventually included minor and major works by Duchamp, Jean Arp, Kurt Schwitters, Piet Mondrian, Max Ernst, and Josef Albers.

The Yale University Art Gallery, which now serves as the steward of the collection, continues Dreier's educational mission by supporting a wide range of activities related to the collection — for example, the Phillips is hosting a series of lectures and films, including works like Fritz Lang's Metropolis and Fernand Léger's Ballet mécanique. The Web site alone is a gem, featuring images and intel about the works in the collection.

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