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Luce Jewelry
January 30, 2007

how jewelery is displayed at Luce

Back before the holidays we got a question about how jewelry was displayed in the Luce Center. A few of the necklaces hang on forms in cases that provide special temperature and humidity control; everything else is in drawers that provide temperature and humidity control and have pneumatic opening and closing mechanisms that cushion the objects from shock. The drawers also have lights inside them so you can get very close to the objects without having to dodge your own shadow.

If you're interested in jewelry you can browse what's on view in the Luce Center from this page (jewelry is listed in the third column, under Craft). But if you visit the objects themselves rather than their digital representations, you'll be well rewarded. The jewelry cases are located in one of my favorite spots in the museum: they are high up on the top floor of the Luce Center right under the skylights. Every piece is like a distinctive little creature that wants to be your friend.

Craft lovers should note that the Renwick Invitational opens March 9, 2007 and features work by feature glass artists Paula Bartron and Beth Lipman, paper artist Jocelyn Châteauvert, and ceramicist Beth Cavener Stichter. It should be a great show.

Posted by Michael Edson on January 30, 2007 in American Art Here


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