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Walk on Water, Please!
November 16, 2007

self-portrait taken on water feature.

Self-portrait, standing on water feature in the Kogod Courtyard. You can see the criss-cross pattern of the courtyard's canopy in the water's reflection. The water will be turned off for the Friends and Family Festival this Sunday (so there's enough room for all the activities), but will be back on on Tuesday.

Mike wrote about one of the Kogod Courtyard's interesting features, a series of water scrims throughout the enclosure. At yesterday's press preview for the courtyard I had my first chance to walk on water. My natural inclination was to walk around the feature. But it was designed to be walked on (and designed so that, by the time you reach the entrances to the museum, your feet will be dry). I'm sure children will get a kick out of the experience. And if we can overcome our predilection to keep our feet on dry ground, adults will too.

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