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Picture This: Bottle Caps at SAAM
December 26, 2007

Bottlecap Giraffe

A collection of post-holiday bottle caps? Not on your life! From our Flickr photo pool comes this photograph by Justin Hoffmann: a closeup of Bottlecap Giraffe, part of SAAM's folk art collection. The piece can be found "in captivity" in our first floor folk art collection gallery.

And for your budding artist, take a look at Bottlecaps to Brushes, where this artwork, in the guise of "Cappy," takes children through the art making process.   

Posted by Jeff on December 26, 2007 in American Art Here, Picture This


What a lovely picture. It's a creative way of salvaging what seems to be a complete trash to others. This reminds me of toy cars made out of soft drink tin cans sold in Bangkok streets.

Just thought you might be interested - I was inspired by your bottlecap giraffe and a subsequent link to the bottlecap snake - I created my own version of the bottlecap snake last weekend.

Dave, that is very cool!

Looks fantastic....

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