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Why Fi? Hotspots and Cool Spaces at American Art
August 10, 2009

WiFi in Kogod Courtyard

During the dog days of August, you're in the middle of D.C. and want to check your email. Best thing you could do would be to head straight to American Art where you've got two options for free Wi-Fi. Walk into the Kogod Courtyard and pull up a chair or take a rest on one of the cool white marble planters that double as benches. The Kogod is reported to have the best indoor air quality in the city (you'll forget the heat and humidity guaranteed). You can grab something to eat or drink at our café--from a meal to a snack, a cappuccino or a soothing tea--then open your laptop and connect with the world.

The Luce Foundation Center on the third floor also offers free Wi-Fi in addition to interesting programs such as the Art and Coffee afternoons. Check American Art's calendar for the next offering, or just come upstairs and open your laptop: you know the drill. If you have time, perhaps you can do both. And while you're there, send me an email. I'd love to hear from you.