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Slow Art at American Art
October 14, 2009


David Hockney's Snails Space with Vari-Lites: "Painting as Performance"(located in the Lincoln Gallery on the
third floor), one of the artworks we'll be discussing at Slow Art.

Social media is really hot right now. It’s a good way to bring our content to the surface and connect with people interested in our museum and our artworks. I always tell people, however, that there is nothing like face-to-face contact, and no social media app can compete with that. Twitter, blogs, and Facebook, after all, are only conduits for connecting people.

So, when I heard about Slow Art, I was intrigued. This month, Slow Art will take place at sixteen museums around the world. I asked Georgina Goodlander and her staff at the Luce Foundation Center if they'd be interested in hosting an event at American Art. At Slow Art meetups, a group of people come together and spend quality time looking at art. Afterward, they meet over lunch to talk about what they've seen and how they feel about the works. Slow Art is, in a way, "retro social media"! Like social interactions used to be. The object of Slow Art, like that of its online social media brethren, is to bring people together to talk about things that are meaningful to them. And it's a way to remember that sometimes it's nice to slow down from our racing lives and enjoy looking at art.

We'd like you to join us at our DC Slow Art meetup on October 17. Registering isn't necessary, but doing so would help us know how many people to anticipate. Museum admission is free (bring your lunch or buy it at our café in the Kogod Courtyard, where we'll meet for discussion). We've whittled our forty-one thousand artworks to a few suggested works that should provide more than enough visual interest to contemplate and talk about over lunch. To kick off the discussions, take a look at the Hockney above and Agnes Tait's Skating in Central Park. What artworks would you like to discuss?

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Thanks for co-hosting this event with Georgina Goodlander and the staff at the Luce Foundation Center. Your insights and leadership make a difference in shaping the Slow Art movement around the world.

I also must thank you for posting that beautiful David Hockney. He's one of my favorites.

Founder, Slow Art

Thanks for this post on Slow Art, Jeff. I was intrigued when you described it to me and delighted to be able to know more about it. Wish I lived closer to DC, because I would definitely show up (and sign up) on October 17.

This picture is too abstract for me. But I like it.

Nike, there's more to this David Hockney piece than what is being conveyed in this image. This piece is an installation David Hockney created. You will walk into a darkened space to view it. And (hint), it changes over time. Hope you can make it.

I love this one. Where do I get one of my own to hang?

I attended and this was an absolutely great event. It was a great alternative to a docent tour. It was a wonderful opportunity to contemplate art and then test ideas against others' impressions. This needs to be a regular opportunity at the Smithsonian.

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