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"I Like" Museum Tours. How About You?
December 30, 2009

Luce Tour

"I Like" tours now at the Luce Center

The museum community is a close one, and we often take inspiration from innovative projects that our colleagues are implementing around the world. Take our new self-guided tours for the Luce Foundation Center. Visitors can choose a topic they are interested in from one of the clearly labeled hand-outs, such as "I like animals," "I like African American Artists," "I like the Color Red" and "I like Ex-Pats."

This was inspired by the wonderful Web site, I Like Museums created by the North East Regional Museums Hub and MLA North East in England. Rather than touring you around objects within one museum, however, the I Like Museums Web site offers you a guide to more than eighty museums in North East England. Whether you like dinosaurs, noise, trains, sparkly things, or meeting people, there is something for you. In addition, the Web site allows visitors to share their own trails, and plenty of people have, including those that like "cool exhibitions," "secret gardens," and "sunshine on a cloudy day."

With this in mind, do you have any ideas for a new "I Like…" tour of the Luce Foundation Center? What would you like to see?

Posted by Georgina on December 30, 2009 in In This Case: Luce Foundation Center, Museums & Technology


I like museum tours. In fact, I post it much to influence people to go to museum! Thanks for the article!

I like it, but there are not enough time to do it :(

How about...

'I like sculpture'
'I like painting'

Merely saying 'I like art' is too broad.

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