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Pheon: Pass It On
August 24, 2010

Do you prefer cupcakes or salted peanuts? Would you rather untie a knot or a bow? Think carefully, because the answers may determine your place in our new "big" game, Pheon. Pheon is set in the secret world of Terra Tectus, in which two warring factions, Knaves and Staves, struggle to restore balance after the intrusion of Seers, people from the real world. Knaves are pragmatic, self-interested seekers of wealth, while Staves are idealistic conservators and protectors. Both have their good sides and their bad, and both are essential to restoring balance in the world. Once their status is established, players will be challenged to complete various missions based on the museum's collections, exhibitions, and programs in order to win points for their side and propel the game.

Pheon will launch with an event in the museum on September 18. Come armed with your cellphone and a sense of adventure ready to choose a side and enter the world of Terra Tectus. Can’t make it to DC? You can still play the game online, completing missions from anywhere in the world!

Posted by Georgina on August 24, 2010 in Museums & Technology, Post It


This is out of the ordinary for you? An exciting game pitting two different sides against one another. All I need is a cell phone? I'm in!

Hmmm, so this sets greedy wealth seekers against protectors? There are games with this kind of theme that do exist. This is cool that you thought of this fun challenging game. Sounds great.

Pheon will be huge. Cellphones and secret worlds...bring it! Look forward to Sept. 18th.

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