Stories for September 2010

The Best of Ask Joan of Art: Conservation of Artworks

September 16, 2010

This post is part of an ongoing series on Eye Level: The Best of Ask Joan of Art. Begun in 1993, Ask Joan of Art is the longest-running arts-based electronic reference service in the country. The real Joan is Kathleen...

Two New Additions to the Museum: Joseph Cornell

September 14, 2010

Joseph Cornell's Untitled (Pink Palace), ©VAGA This past week, the museum's Deputy Director invited me to accompany her to see two newly acquired Joseph Cornell boxes. A real treat. She knew I had written my master's thesis on Cornell and...

@ The Antiques Roadshow

September 7, 2010

At the front of the line at Antiques Roadshow I've been a fan of Antiques Roadshow since I was young, and it even inspired me to write my tenth grade term paper on English furniture. So I was ecstatic when...

Wishing for Winter

September 2, 2010

Betye Saar's Wishing for Winter I admit, it was the title, Wishing for Winter, that first drew me to this work, as I walked around American Art on one of Washington D.C.'s toastiest days. August may have ended, but the...