Stories for August 2012

Picture This: On This Day in 1864

August 8, 2012

Left: East Model room (Lincoln Gallery), 1856. Image courtesy of the Clara Barton National Historic Site, National Park Service. Right: Graffiti in the Lincoln Gallery today. The American Art Museum building used to be the U.S. Patent Office Building. During...

In This Case: Guitar

August 7, 2012

Guitar by an unidentified artist In This Case is a series of ongoing posts on art in the Luce Foundation Center, a visible art storage facility at the Smithsonian American Art Museum that houses about 3,000 pieces in sixty-four secure...

Conservation: Treating Frederick Eversley's Sculpture

August 2, 2012

Conservator Hugh Shockey works on Eversley's sculpture Untitled. Did you know that sandpaper technology has improved over the past 40 years? Neither did I until I spoke with objects conservator Hugh Shockey about Frederick Eversley's Untitled, a sculpture he was...