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In This Case: Visitor's Choice #1
January 29, 2014

Jonah's Favorite Artwork: Nicholas Herrera's Protect and Serve

Here, in the Luce Foundation Center, we are lucky enough to get to know some of our "regulars." We have many kinds: people who sit and do work at our tables, families who regularly do our scavenger hunt, and art enthusiasts who browse the cases, just to name a few. A foreign gentleman even did our audio tour on a regular basis to improve his English! It was fun to see a new use for our space and resources.

Getting to know some of these visitors was the inspiration for a new blog series, Visitor's Choice. In this series, we will ask our regulars about their favorite artworks and why they like them. Since everyone has a unique relationship with art, some of the posts will be more in-depth than others, some might reflect the artist's intent, and some might have more of a personal meaning.

Today we look at Jonah's favorite artwork. Jonah is five and comes every month to do our scavenger hunt with his family. Jonah has told me on multiple occasions that his favorite artwork in the Luce Center is the police car. When asked why, Jonah told me: "Because I like trucks and vehicles. And because it's a rescue vehicle." He's even asked us to put the artwork in our next scavenger hunt!

Nicholas Herrera's Protect and Serve is just one example of vehicles on view in our folk art section. While Jonah loves it because it's a police car, Herrera's piece is actually a critique of the justice system and what he perceives to be their persecution of minorities. You can read more about the piece on our website.

Thanks to Jonah for telling us more about his favorite piece! Do you visit the museum often and have a favorite artwork? Stop by the Luce Center information desk to tell us about it the next time you are here!

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