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Love, Dating, and Art in the Luce Foundation Center
February 16, 2016


Eye by Unidentified Artist

Whether we're single or in a relationship, Valentine's Day is always a reminder of our dating status. If you'd like a distraction and want to hear about others' instead, then join us for the Luce Foundation Center's February Artist Talk on Saturday, February 20 at 1:30 p.m. with artists Dafna Steinberg, Jennifer Towner, and Jenny Walton. These three artists will discuss their group show #ThisIsWhyImSingle and how modern dating has inspired each of them to create art. Steinberg, Towner, and Walton will also discuss their artistic practices and where they draw their inspiration. So, if you are curious as to how 19th-Century miniature paintings of eyes relate to watercolors of OkCupid profiles, then be sure to join us. Luce Artist Talk is a monthly program presented in partnership with Cultural D.C.'s Flashpoint Gallery. Steinberg, Towner, and Walton will present their talk in the Luce Foundation Center on the Third Floor of the museum. The talk will begin at 1:30; beverages will be served until 3:30.

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