New Acquisitions

Nicholas Nixon's The Brown Sisters

March 9, 2016

The museum recently acquired The Brown Sisters, an intimate series of forty photographs that spans four decades and captures the poignancy of family relationships and bonds between siblings.

New Acquisitions: Judith Schaechter's The Birth of Eve

December 9, 2014

Nora Atkinson, the Lloyd Herman Curator of Craft, joined American Art's Renwick Gallery staff earlier this year. She talked with Eye Level about the museum's recent acquisition The Birth of Eve by Judith Schaechter, which joins her 1990 work A Little Torcher also in the museum's permanent collection.

New Acquisitions: Purvis Young's The Struggle

July 9, 2014

American Art's curator of folk and self-taught art, Leslie Umberger, talks about the museum's recent acquisition of a major painting by Purvis Young, The Struggle. The artwork can be seen in the museum's east wing gallery on the third floor.

New Acquisitions: Donald Judd's Untitled

May 20, 2014

American Art's sculpture curator, Karen Lemmey, talks about the museum's recent acquisition by Donald Judd. Donald Judd's Untitled Recently, American Art acquired a sculpture by Donald Judd, Untitled. Judd is among the foremost American artists associated with the Minimalist movement...

Video Games: Now A Part of American Art's Collection

December 17, 2013

Flower (2009) by Jenova Chen and Kellee Santiago of thatgamecompany Though relatively new as a medium, the brief history of video games already includes several generations of both games and gamers. The rapid evolution of technology and the enormous cultural...