Stories for August 2008

Getting a Head @ SAAM

August 27, 2008

Roy Lichtenstein's Sculpture Modern Head installed today in front of the museum. Click here for larger image. Also see SAAM's flickr photostream for more photographs. It wasn't your typical Wednesday morning in downtown DC. Famed Pop-artist Roy Lichtenstein's Modern Head...

Breaking the Mold: Conservators at Work

August 26, 2008

Santos figure: Santa Barbara Nothing in the collections of SAAM is 17,000 years old, but a recent article in the Washington Post got me thinking about taking care of, and preserving, works of art. The article was about the cave...

Sam Gilliam: Thinking Outside the Frame

August 21, 2008

Sam Gilliam's Swing Sam Gilliam is represented in the current exhibition, Local Color, but there's another painting of his on display nearby. Swing is representative of the artist's canvases that were not stretched, but draped and suspended from the ceiling...

Learning to Teach through Art & Technology

August 19, 2008

Teachers learn podcasting at the Cisco-Smithsonian American Art Museum Teacher Institute, 2008 In June SAAM, along with its partner Cisco, hosted teachers from Louisiana and Mississippi, who came to the museum to learn how to use technology in their classrooms....

Party Like It's 1865!

August 15, 2008

Members of the Victorian Dance Ensemble Not every Civil War reenactor tramps off to the battlefields with rations of hardtack; some prefer to hit the dance floor instead. On Saturday August 16 at noon, 2 p.m., and 4 p.m., the...