Stories for July 2009

Picture This: Out of This Case

July 9, 2009

Dave DeAnna and Matt Bacon from our Registrar's Office removed two artworks from the contemporary craft section in the Luce Foundation Center for American Art last week. These works (Alhambra Vase and Zanfirico Apple) will be going out on loan....

Jean Shin

July 6, 2009

Jean Shin's Everyday Monuments If you're walking through a city, say New York or Washington D.C., you may want to have Jean Shin by your side. You may know your way around familiar streets, but through Shin's eyes you'll be...

Robert Motherwell’s Monster for Charles Ives

July 2, 2009

Robert Motherwell's Monster (for Charles Ives) Robert Motherwell, known as an intellectual painter, has sometimes been called the spokesperson for the abstract expressionist movement. He painted in a style that often involved spontaneously generated images on large fields of canvas....