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Picture This: Talking About Slow Art
October 22, 2009

Slow Art Discussion

How long does it take to really see a work of art? Some visitors to American Art's Slow Art event this past Saturday had a go at answering that question and then discussed the artworks they had taken a long look at in the museum. A few really got all of us talking, including Philip Evergood's Dowager in a Wheelchair currently hanging in the Luce Foundation Center.

Meeting new people and having lively discussions about art was such a great experience, we're thinking of doing another Slow Art event next April 17th. Which artworks would you pick for our next Slow Art event? You've got six months to take some nice slow looks at the artworks in our galleries and send us your suggestions!

Posted by Jeff on October 22, 2009


Great idea for an event and great title. I hope you keep this one going.

Mike, we hope you can join us next time!

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