Stories for June 2010

The Best of Ask Joan of Art: The Eyes Have It

June 29, 2010

This post is part of an ongoing series on Eye Level: The Best of Ask Joan of Art. Begun in 1993, Ask Joan of Art is the longest-running arts-based electronic reference service in the country. The real Joan is Kathleen...

Our Man in Haiti

June 24, 2010

Hugh Shockey, one of American Art's conservators, recently returned from Haiti where he was helping to preserve some of the country's artworks after the recent earthquake there. Here is one of the reports he filed while he was there. For...

Gaman and the Story of Isamu Noguchi

June 22, 2010

Isamu Noguchi, Interned at Poston, Arizona, Bust of Ginger Rogers, Pink Georgia marble, National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution, © Isamu Noguchi Foundation, Inc., New York. Of all the stories of internees in the relocation camps for Japanese Americans during World...


June 14, 2010

Frances H. Gearhart's Seacoast and Flying Birds Whenever something odd, new, magical, or troubling happens in the world, I like to see how artists have responded. With the recent events in the Gulf and the horrific images of seabirds covered...

American Art Museum Helping Out in Haiti

June 10, 2010

Art damaged in the 2010 earthquake, awaiting conservation efforts. Photo by American Art's Hugh Shockey American Art's Mandy Young is receiving reports from our conservator, Hugh Shockey, who is in Haiti to help with the rehab of the country's artworks...