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Draw and Discover: Making Your Own Sketchbook
October 5, 2010

Sketchbook Workshop

The Makings of a Sketchbook

Katherine Rand was never happy with store-bought sketchbooks so she spent a great deal of time scouring the Internet and local craft stores for a better solution. At the beginning of the Luce Center's latest Draw and Discover sketching workshop she gave us this advice as she demonstrated how she constructs her customized notebooks. One tip: use small button-like discs as binding clips. This will allow you to easily remove and replace your sketchbook's paper. Nice!

Cutting up and reusing old colorful folders (see photo) for the sketchbook covers Katherine then uses her specialized hole punch to stamp out notches so the binding “buttons” will slip right in. Genius. Suddenly I thought, "I finally have a use for my old college folders piled up at home!"

For our sketching challenge Katherine showed us book examples ranging from a mini-book that fits in your pocket to something that was more suitable for your living-room coffee table. Everyone was impressed. One adult sketcher said, “You put my organizational skills to shame! I want to be you when I grow up.”

For your own sketching epiphany sign up for our next Draw and Discover program. The workshop runs every Tuesday from 3-4:30pm in the Luce Foundation Center, third floor. Check the online calendar for special workshops like this one.

Mary Tait, from our Luce Foundation Center, wrote this post.

Posted by Jeff on October 5, 2010 in In This Case: Luce Foundation Center, Post It


It's really nice to see how to make old thing to new. The key is that we need to experiment and be creative.

This is very nice. I have lots of colorful folders used by my daughter with her projects in school. I am also into arts and crafts and I love your idea about this. I am going to tell my daughter so that she will learn how to reuse or recycle things.

It is very important to foster children's imagination and if you can do that with reusing binders and buttons, then all the better! A sketch pad has always been more expensive than it should, so I'm glad that someone is teaching others how to save $$, yet be creative all at the same time. ;)

That is indeed a very fun thing to make. Most kids would totally enjoy doing it. Its part of enhancing their creativity.

Incredible demonstration. Would love to see it in person.

I really love this idea. I think this project really connects the person to the actual book like a purchased sketchbook can not. We'll be trying it

Also, as a homeschooling father I can certainly appreciate techniques that foster children's imaginations. Seems so much of society these days does the exact opposite to our youth's creativity. Nice post thanks for the continued inspiration here.

Hi I'm a special ed teacher and this idea has worked a treat with the kids--really gets their imaginations going. We obviously help them with any safety hazards, but they choose and pick their own designs, size, buttons etc. Thank you so much for this creative post. If you have anymore please let us all know.

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