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Preparing for Its Close-up: Flowers by William H. Johnson
April 11, 2012

Johnson image

Conservation of William H. Johnson's Flowers

Who doesn't like getting a personal letter in the mail? Some people get excited over coupons or magazines, but I enjoy receiving a letter hand addressed to me with a customized stamp. Well, there is now a new Forever® stamp, available from the United States Postal Service, which features a painting from the American Art Museum's collection. The artwork called, Flowers by William H. Johnson is now on view in the museum's 2nd floor galleries.

In preparation for its current display, the painting received a light cleaning and in-painting by Amber Kerr-Allison, paintings conservator for the American Art Museum. It is wonderful to see the painting in person (the paint looks like gobs of sugary cupcake frosting!), but if you do not get the chance, at least maybe it will be on the envelope of your next birthday card from your grandmother, aunt, or best friend.

Posted by Mary on April 11, 2012 in American Art Here, Conservation at American Art


Love the William Johnson simple, yet complex in it's execution. The enticing part is his mixtures of color to achieve the "cake mix" effect. Should be a nice forever stamp.

This is a beautiful image for a stamp, and I'm going to look for it at my local post office. My only concern is, does the USPS spend a great deal more than on "conventional" stamps, in producing these mini works of art? Not sure if this something they can or should afford right now.

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