Stories for May 2012

Preparing for African American Art: Conserving a Work By John Scott, Part 3

May 31, 2012

Clockwise from upper left: Shockey removing tape off the painted surface of the sculpture, Close-up of solvent/gel mixture, Measuring fluid solvent, Shockey treating the sculpture Do you know that some of the materials used in art conservation are similar to...

New Acquisitions: Bret Price's Hublot

May 29, 2012

Bret Prices's Hublot How many of you, as youngsters, wanted to be a superhero when you grew up? I wonder if sculptor Bret Price had any such aspirations. He may not be able to leap over tall buildings, nor outrace...

Behind the Scenes: Preparing an Artwork for Exhibition

May 24, 2012

Left: Löis Mailou Jones's Moon Masque, Center: Paintings Conservator Amber Kerr-Allison cleans the painting using a wet technique, Right: Cleaning the painting using a dry technique. Conservators must use a variety of techniques when treating mixed media artworks, each suited...

Give American Craft Some Credit: For the Birds Edition

May 22, 2012

Laurel Roth, Biodiversity Reclamation Suit: Passenger Pigeon (2008) and Biodiversity Reclamation Suit: Carolina Parakeet (2009), suits: cotton, silk, bamboo, wool, acrylic blends, mannequins: hand-carved basswood, acrylic paint, gouache, glass eyes, metal legs, walnut stand, Courtesy of the artist; Frey Norris...

Comment Sketches from The Art of Video Games

May 17, 2012

Visitors's sketches from The Art of Video Games comment books The Art of Video Games exhibition includes a lot of interactive technology, but one of our favorite components is not hi-tech at all; it's a plain spiral-bound notebook that asks...