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Picture This: Renwick Renovation Update
April 22, 2015

Renovating the Renwick

The Renwick Gallery, presently under renovation, is scheduled to reopen this coming November.

The Renwick Gallery, built in 1859, was the first structure in America created expressly for the purpose of showcasing great works of art to the public. Since 1972 it has been home to American Art's craft and decorative arts program. For the past two years it has been under renovation and will reopen to the public on Friday, November. 13, 2015. The museum, located across from the White House, will reopen with restored historic features and entirely new infrastructure, including LED lighting in all its galleries.

The Renwick's opening exhibition, Wonder, featuring nine major contemporary artists, reflects the commitment inscribed in stone over the front door, "Dedicated to Art." Stay tuned for additional information about the celebratory reopening weekend of public programs and three special publications.

Posted by Jeff on April 22, 2015 in Picture This


Wow. 1859. Glad to see folks are out there keeping our history alive and well-fed.

Great write up, BTW. I love your work.

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