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February's Handi-Hour
February 3, 2016

Handi-Hour: String Art

February's Handi-hour is sold out, but don't despair! You can get your own private tutoring session with our videos right here. This month we're making string art with map pins, cork boards and embroidery floss. Create an artwork inspired by Gabriel Dawe featuring your initial or home state. And, as is our Handi-hour tradition, we have SweetArts. Make a sweet (or snarky) Valentine like the teacup one featured here.

Handi-Hour: Make a Valentine

Keep an eye out for our next Handi-hour video to go up in mid-March and tickets for our Handi-hour on May 24th will go on sale in early May.

Posted by Gloria on February 3, 2016 in In This Case: Luce Foundation Center


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