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Can You Name #5WomenArtists?
March 1, 2017

Mickalene Thomas

Portrait of Mnonja by Mickalene Thomas

It all began with a challenge, exactly one year ago. The National Museum of Women in the Arts posed a question and the goal was simple: get people talking about women artists. Easy to find five artists to talk about, especially with a little help from Google. Even easier once use of the hashtag, #5WomenArtists, grew and more than 11,000 people started sharing their ever-expanding lists. That one little list, that act of naming, began to act as a catalyst. A push to discover a new story about an old favorite. The spark to take a closer look at an artwork. The impulse to start conversations with others about women and art. In short, the challenge proved irresistible. Due to popular demand, NMWA is extending their challenge again.

Starting today, in honor of Women's History Month, we will again fill Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter with names and facts and artworks. Join us, and please send us suggestions, because we're not stopping with five. From Loïs Mailou Jones to Marguerite Zorach, Elinor Cahn to June Schwarcz, Bertha E. Jaques to Alma Thomas, Kathryn Clark to Anni Albers, Lynette Youson to Laura Wheeler Waring, let's see how high we can count, together.

Posted by Amy on March 1, 2017 in American Art Everywhere, American Art Here


How about Margaret Lesley Bush-Brown? You all have a portrait of hers of Ellen Day Hale, and there's an excellent self-portrait in the Pennsylvania Academy.

Her daughter Lydia Bush-Brown Head was also an artist.

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